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Line Editing

Make your writing shine

Line editing, also known as copy editing, happens at paragraph level. Awkward sentence constructions and stiff dialogue get a polish to give your audience the smoothest possible reading experience. Every change made is always with respect for your writing style and your voice as an author.

During this process, I focus on:

  • Pacing and flow

  • Showing vs. telling

  • Dialogue flow and tags

  • Repetition, redundancies

  • Point of view inconsistencies

  • Continuity errors (e.g.: your character is blonde in one scene but a brunette in the next)

Line editing comes at $0.018 per word. This standard rate includes two read-throughs, during which we go over remarks and corrections again to make sure your manuscript is ready to be sent out to beta or arc readers.

Proofreading is included in this service.

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