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Testimonials: Testimonials
HF Cunningham_author picture.jpg

I found EB Editorial Services purely by chance on Instagram while looking for an editor and I’m very glad I did. From the start, Liz worked with me and tailored the editing process to what I needed and wanted. She worked to our agreed timeline, sending me back my manuscript chapter by chapter with her corrections and feedback and it was always thorough, helpful and supportive. Liz was always available to talk through decisions and, especially with the blurb, would do several rounds of feedback until we were both satisfied. Even after the editing process was finished, Liz continued to be supportive of my book and budding career every step of the way and I will not only be working with her again in the future but will also be recommending her services to other authors.

HF Cunningham,
author of Remnants of Blood

Felicia Blaedel_author picture.jpg

I worked with Liz at EB Editorial Services on my novel Only Sometimes. Liz was wonderful to work with. Her proofreading was thorough and I felt very safe trusting her with my book. I also had Liz do a beta critique and she helped me navigate through the feedback of my beta readers which was incredibly helpful.
Liz is honest but considerate and kind. Her criticism was constructive and helpful. Everything followed the agreed upon timelines, and I was very satisfied working with EB Editorial Services.

Felicia Blaedel,
author of Only Sometimes

Karlein Kwong_author picture_edited.jpg

Liz did a developmental edit of my YA High Fantasy with in-line notes and an edit letter provided. She helped me develop character arcs, differentiate characters’ emotions, and fix plot holes. Liz’s feedback was encouraging, constructive, and timely. Thank you for cheering me on and helping me to strengthen my story. I would definitely recommend Liz’s editing services!

Karlein Kwong,

Kiana B_author picture.jpg

Such a talent when it comes to editing! Liz listens to your vision and makes it into a reality. Doesn't try to turn your stories into something else that you don't want, and very patient even when I wanted to give up. What I really love is that she's willing to work with you when it comes to prices and fees.
5 stars, 10 out of 10, A+, would totally recommend!!!!!

Kiana B.,
author of Sincerely Yours


Liz is the most awesome, wonderful, talented editor I have met! 
She guided me step by step and explained things in a manner that never made me feel like I don't know anything. Because of her service, the writing for my business is more professional than ever.
Thank you, Liz. You were wonderful from the start, very professional even when I was frustrated with myself.

Francis K.,
Powered Industrial Trucks Trainer

Stafford Edwards_author picture.jpg

Our words have weight - and there are times we need a guiding hand in balancing their impact, targeting their focus and lifting them to the right elevation, in order for them to be fully seen and appreciated by others.
Liz is one such advocate to have in your literary corner. With patient and gentle encouragement, she is adept at coaching you through the grammatical minefield of your manuscript with exquisite attention to detail. What may begin as a great, yet heavy-handed idea on your part, with her deft touch, becomes light and accessible; allowing the true essence of your work to be realized…even to yourself.
You will be greatly satisfied, as she is genuine in her approach and will always work tirelessly to bring your manuscript up to its fullest potential.

Stafford Edwards,
author of Contrails And Other Life Tracks

No profile picture.jpg

This editor is the best I have ever worked with. Very professional edits, but with the feeling of sitting in a coffee shop chatting over the manuscript. I loved working with Liz. Not only did she shine in her knowledge, she sparkled with a friendly and caring approach. Would recommend.

Jessica Balko,
author of Mabon Mystery

Olga Goa_author picture.jpg

Elizabeth is a real professional editor among all editors I have met. She helps not only about grammar and punctuation but also see the book's plot as an author and helps to make it looks better. I can ask her advice about everything and she will listen and definitely help. She also hears my suggestions and can understand my vision of the plot as well. I like working with her, she is always responsive and attentive towards the details of the story I have. She is also a talented author, and I would like to be her first book's reader. Thank you for your hard work, Elizabeth. I really appreciate it and would like to work with you always. 🌹 I wish you success and good luck.👏❤️

Olga Goa,
author of Club Drunken Cherry

Olga Nikolaeva_academic picture.jpg

I was recommended EB Editorial Services by my colleague and friend who knew my struggle with finding a professional editor and proofreader for my academic work. I contacted Liz for the first time in the middle of the deadlines and workload chaos and her reply was immediate and immensely helpful. Despite a very short notice, she found time to proofread and edit an article for my postdoctoral research with utmost care. Liz was very attentive to the text and my needs. Apart from correcting mistakes and catching small linguistic ‘bags’, Liz explained why and what she was doing as well as gave helpful suggestions to how I can formulate some of my thoughts but did not attempt to rewrite them for me. Liz was very personal, and we communicated through my writing, discussing not only necessarily editorial questions but also the subject of my work. English is my second language and I sometimes feel insecure about my academic writing, which creates extra anxiety when searching for a good editor. Now I know that I have a reliable, professional, and kind person to address whenever I need help with my next publication.

Olga Nikolaeva,
postdoctoral researcher, Musikverket (Swedish Performing Arts Agency), Stockholm

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